You borrowed her heart

You caught her heart and

lent it for a while

you embraced her with

all your love and caring

she was lost in your soul

at one point you gave her

the heart back

a broken heart with pain

she became a dark crushed soul

emptiness within

it’s far too much to take

she almost drawning in her

own tears of ocean

now she has dried out

an Angels tears of blood

falls down her cheek

with her bloody eyes

she digs her grave of sorrow

and hope death will knock with

his skeleton on her coffin.


47 kommentarer om “You borrowed her heart

  1. Mother is Nature
    God is Woman NoW
    If onLY We Will Love
    Like A Mother
    For All Agape
    Love Mother
    We Will Be
    God Now
    Nature Loves
    Best God Unconditionally
    True As All God We Love
    True How Fortunate Are
    We At A Table ToGeTHeR
    To Feast All with
    Fearless Love
    For All Noe
    How Easy
    iT iS NoW
    to: See and Do
    From: Real God (Love)
    THiS Way Now How Lost
    Are those Now who never
    BecoMe LoVE iNCaRNaTE
    THiS WaY HoW FouND
    HoW ToGeTHeR
    Those of US
    My FRiEnD
    LoVE EVerY
    Particle NoW
    WaVE iN Deed
    We aRe LoVE NoW..:)

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    1. That is how a good reader reads it, thank you. You fill my heart with joy.
      But you are not supposed to cry, I apologize for that, but I know the feeling because I am the same…
      I am so glad that you tell me: …(«you have a way with words to make ….»)….
      Thank you, it warms my heart.
      Take care❤️

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  2. Lillian, your words portray so vividly the pain and sadness so that it can be felt. Yet I still sense there is hope in the midst of that pain. Well written, keep it up Lillian. Hope you had a wonderful day!🙂💛😺

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  3. Your words seem so real that it actually hurts. Well done my dear. I hope you are doing alright. I just missed a few of your posts so checking it all out🙂


    1. thank you Ramyani, I deeply appreciate it, I am sorry, but I find this comment in my spambox, i don,t know why….. I am ok. you are a great reader who are reading my poems like you do, thank you. You can feel the words, it means a world to me.


      1. It’s okay Lillian. I don’t know why some comments go to spam but I know you check regularly so no problem dear. I love your poems because the words are always real. I may have not read some of your posts, because I have exams going on but I will read them for sure☺️

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      2. Thank you, you are so sweet and kind❤️you fill my heart with so much joy.
        It is ok, I understand, studies come first and fun later😊 I wish you luck with your exams.


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