Cage of defeat

She is chained with barbed wire

in a cage and it will be the

death of her

in an endless emptiness

is an old friend

the sweet grief

she is a mess and her misery

have no end

she is not bulletproof

bending like a broken rose

with thorns stretching up the

sky full of stars

she climbs up to experience endless

heavenly view

a magical mystery ride on her

favorite star

when the world is beating her down

in the cage of defeat.


39 kommentarer om “Cage of defeat

      1. Hello.
        Orkidedatter is Orchid daughter in English.
        You know, the flower.. and what that flower means in the flower arrangement in our nature. plus some other personal stuff for me❤️
        I hope you are well.
        Enjoy your day.

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  1. ‘MaGiC MysTerY TouRS’
    Verily TRuE Experience
    That the Beatles most
    definitely refer to as Real TRuENoW
    A Way Out of DaRK ETeRNaL NoW
    LiGHT oh how to
    Travel Ah
    to Arrive
    Yes how to
    Staycation Forevermore
    now my FriEnd.. hmm.. ’tis
    No Science Alone more Art than ReaSoN
    DiViNE Gift of Heaven Within.. TRuE NoW SoME
    folks find it through ‘Substances’ others find it
    Through Dance And Song Words of Poetry
    oF LoVE
    Lit Up
    of Heaven
    Within Escape
    True for others
    to Smell too if they
    have a SCent for Heaven morenow…
    Than just A Promise after a DiRT NaP NoW..
    Smiles my Friend For Whatever Vine you Find
    to Climb i Do Wish Hope And Pray You Staycation
    iN A
    oF NiGHT
    That Marries An
    Eternal NoW DaY oF LoVE..
    Honeymooning The Sun as Moon…
    Winter’s Fall As Summer’s SPRinG ALWayS ALiVE NoW..:)

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  2. Wow. This is raw and powerful and beautiful. Sounds like it is spoken through much experience. I was so moved. Your words are so vibrant and evocative!! Thank you for sharing! ❤

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