#Denmark 1

Denmark is a wonderful country.

Nice and gentle people.

Proud of their art in both ceramics and other designs like jewelry and furniture.

Proud of his cultural treasure with H.C. Andersen and other adventurers.

With its typical brick art, almost every house is in brick.

World renowned artist in the music industry is a trademark of this country and music is played everywhere.

Denmark has good shopping opportunities with well-known brands.

Many good and nice and cozy cafes and restaurants too.

Nature is outstanding and I love the sunset on the beach.

A little greetings from Denmark.


30 kommentarer om “#Denmark 1

    1. Hey my friend.
      Yes, I am, and it is very beautiful and lovely here. And the people who live here is amazing❤️
      I love this country.
      I would recommend traveling here and to Norway of course❤️
      Enjoy your day.

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      1. Ahh, the pictures look so fresh and beautiful. I will ofcourse travel to both Norway and Denmark, and the whole world eventually 😂 Happy journey to you and I hope you have lots of fun!❤️

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      1. It was indeed lovely! 😇
        I tried their local dishes, one being Frikadeller (which are meat balls), so divine! It is also such a happy country, being the top three in the happiness index for 3 consecutive years!

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