#Denmark 2

If you have not been in Denmark, I strongly recommend visiting this country.

Today I was in Copenhagen and the tivoli.

Well, there is a lot to do for those who are kids and younger… and ok, for us adults too.

I had a great fun and the laughter muscles are hurting today.

I do not drive carousel because then I get sick, but anyway to be with my family on trip just have to be experienced because I can not describe it.

I love you❤️

Copenhagen is beautiful with its characteristic architecture and culture.

I love to stroll to see the sights and ancient castles and art. There is symphony in my eyes.

My vacation in this beautiful country is not over yet. I will explore more of it.

Sunset on the beach is so so gorgeous and as a poet and artist it is very stimulating and inspiring, but most of all just being present here and now and enjoying the view with all those that matter most to me❤️

Thank you Denmark, I will always come back❤️


37 kommentarer om “#Denmark 2

      1. Smiles mY FriEnd Lillian
        i Will NeVeR iMagine
        A Greater Hobby
        HeARTs WitH
        Joy so easy sTiLL..
        when one Does not
        See life Any Life AnY ThinG as
        Stranger Now.. heHe.. than me..;)

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    1. Awwww, I understand well my friend… it is very lovely and I have a great time.
      It just has to be experienced… but, likewise, I really want to go there you live….(if you live in the USA?)
      I am jealous…..but, one day❤️
      Keep smiling😀


  1. I can feel your LOVE through your words and your pictures, Lillian. What a beautiful country, one that I probably will not ever see. So I do enjoy seeing Denmark through your eyes. Thank you! 💖💖💖

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