Midsummer night

In the sunset on a beach in the world

somewhere a girl dances around the

bonfire to the music in her mind

she danced like nobody was watching

she danced of the rhythm of her heartbeat

her spirit in the sky

elves in the flames

nymphs in the ocean

lures and plays

from the forest shadows the trolls are

blinked with their eyes

a hulder is waving her tail and

licking around the mouth with her

poisonous tongue

a wonderful delight night

scary night

among sorcery and magic

that girl danced herself into

the heart of the key to the

Midsummer night treasure.


15 kommentarer om “Midsummer night

  1. to and Fro
    Push and pull
    mix and Match
    FLickering Flame
    Erotic Body Poetry
    Romancing Words
    Of Winter
    Yes ‘Midsummer
    Dream’ i See Her Light
    Saint Elmo’s Fire awakes
    With me each morning
    She still
    A Passion
    Of HeART
    Play of Adam..:)

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  2. Wow. Wow. This is the most lovely ode to Midsummer that I’ve ever seen. I just want to be there and dance, too! I love love love those lines. I think that is the most beautiful thing!

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    1. That was quite a compliment Nathan. You warm my heart. Awww, It had been the best dance with you on the beach around the bonfire yesterday….
      Thank you Nathan, you are so kind and I deeply appreciate it❤️ from the depths of my heart.


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