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  1. Tim Bergling From Avicii
    A Life Cut Short in His Late
    20’s as will be the case among
    the Super Creative And Sensitive
    Souls that come Wrapped around
    the Finger of those who attempt to
    own their
    to even Audiences
    too.. smiles my Friend
    A Creative Soul is most
    Always a Sensitive Soul
    truly not ready made for
    this World We Live in
    today.. better yet
    hidden with
    After Life Best
    For Soul to Flourish
    Art Focus without the
    Trappings of Target Audiences
    where the Artist becomes the Bull’s
    Eye of a Soul Draining now into a Pool
    of Pain and Numb.. Smiles my Friend
    i really Loved his Song «Wake me Up»
    it Dances and Sings so much about my
    Life and where i am from too.. as there are
    those of us who are Open to the Different and New
    and there are those of us who are closed in Tradition
    Old where that Tradition may be Cutting the Throats
    of its Victims perhaps a bit more slowly but never the
    Less the Tortured Frowning Faces shuffling By are the
    of A Soul
    Loss Less
    Free as Nature
    Will Now Be in Us
    We Humans Beings
    CoME to Fly to Soar
    to WinG as Feather And
    WinD BecoMe Direction HoMe..
    Smiles Orchard Daughter hope you are doing well..
    Meanwhile per «Wake me Up» i am headed to the City to Dance
    where i belong where at least Humans All Humans belong with no Heads down
    to Fear Outcast Smiles my Friend this will be my 267th Dance Week Night i am counting
    NoW as Dance
    Hall Nights
    are mine
    All for Free..
    Smiles in the 80’s then
    i never imagined doing
    this as 2020 closes in
    and my 60th Birthday
    Next but truly i feel
    Younger than ever
    Before as soon
    as i Live now
    forever now
    i’ll let you
    KNoW the
    Secret of my
    Success it never
    IS A Secret NoW aT
    All ETerNaLLy NoW..:)

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    1. So true «a creative soul is most always a sensitive soul» thank you❤️
      Tim would love these words and they had become a song…
      Wow, 60th birthday.. I can’t believe that..
      keep on smiling and dancing my friend, it is a lovely soulfood❤️
      I am well thank you.
      Thank you for your support and these beautiful words❤️
      I have a tear in my eye, falling down my cheek, because I am too sensitive, and you touch my heart. (It is a tear of joy)
      I wish you a wonderful day.

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      1. SMiLes my Friend People
        Who will do no harm
        To others are best..
        it will be hard
        To always
        But again
        it is Best
        To be a sensitive
        Soul the outside
        Of me doesn’t
        Reflect the
        Part as
        Much these
        Days but it
        Hasn’t Changed..:)

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