«Wind of changes» coming this year…

Lillian Haugland also well known as Orkidedatter

♥️thank you so much♥️
Thanks for all the fun and lovely moments we shared in 2022

Thank you so much everyone one, for all your support, love and friendship, I’m beyond grateful❤️

I receivde a bunch of messages in my dm’s, but I don’t have the time to answer everyone, I’m sorry, but I’m much grateful for every each of you.
Let’s start this new year with hope, strenght, care and let’s finished it with love and gratitude…
Don’t forget love dear readers, do small things with much love and live each day that someone will be thankful for who you are❤️


6 kommentarer om “WIP

    1. Hiii dear friend, so nice to see you, oh wow, it’s a long long time since I posted on my blog, I hope you and Muffy are well and safe.
      I had a beautiful time, thank you for asking, I hope you had too.
      I wish you a beautiful weekend❤️

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      1. Thank you Lillian! It was an odd Christmas this year. I was sick and didn’t see anyone. But Muffin and I had fun anyway.
        I am still recovering from a dog attack last Tuesday. I sure wasn’t expecting that one!
        Have a nice Sunday Lillian!😊😻🌛☕☕❄️❄️

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  1. Thank you Lillian! I don’t know how I missed your comment, but it just didn’t show up on my end. So strange. My weekend was good, I was finally recovered from my ordeal earlier in the week. Then today I slipped on some ice and hurt my back, neck and shoulder. Guess I should have stayed inside today! There is so much ice now because of the freezing rain we had last night. Have a great week Lilian!😊😻☕☕

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