Quote: Love…

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Sometimes it just takes a little kindness

from one hurting soul to another

to change us forever…

quot: – Karen Kostyl-


My heart and my soul could really feel these words…and I think to my self:

-Because from every wound

there’s a scar…

and every scar…

tells a story…

Time does not always heal all wounds, but I learn to live with the scars ..



32 kommentarer om “Quote: Love…

  1. Very deep and beautiful! The quote is so apt, it’s just a few heart beats and kind words away from a broken soul from mending☺️
    Learning to live with the scars is tough but it’s impossible ❤️

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    1. Thank you🦋for your kind words and time to read it, I am so grateful. Yes, we all are❤️and to me that is important to remember when I meet someone.. I meet a human being regardless and not judging, but have an open mind, because I never know which fight and scar they have ❤️I wish more of that in my country and in the world❤️🦋
      Enjoy your day.

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  2. I agree, Lillian, that some wounds do not heal, leaving a scar behind. Yet within that wound, are opportunities to grow and to learn Wisdom and Compassion. LOVED this post as it spoke to me and yet again your words and your painting effected me deeply. Bless you for what you share. Thank you! 🌟🌟🌟

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    1. Your kind words are like music in my ears and they touch my heart❤️I really appreciate you🦋You are so nice and lovely🌹Thank you so much for your sincere words and I am so happy that my words spoke to you🦋You filled my heart with so much joy, thank you, and enjoy your day and weekend❤️
      Bless you🦋🌹

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