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      1. Thank you so much from the depths of my heart🦋I really hope you understand and feel it in your heart how grateful I am.
        I cry almost now, but because I’m happy and you touch me Steve.
        I’m so grateful to follow you and your blog, I love it, you know that.

        If you have instagram you can follow me theere too, I follow you back ofcourse🌹
        A big hug from Lillian🦋

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      2. Yes, you have been one of my biggest supporters of my blog for quite a while now and I certainly appreciate that too. I just opened an instagram account so I will look you up and follow, I haven’t actually done anything with mine yet, still trying to decide on that. You have made my day once again, thank you so much!😃😺

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      3. Thank you so much Steve, I feel a little bit speechlees, but I am so grateful🦋
        On my account it is look almost the same as on blog but I try to show even more of my work … I started a month ago and then I see what happens…
        You made my day too😺🌹

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      1. SMiles my Friend
        it is only a Pleasure
        to Be Able to Be Able
        to Write anything Beautiful
        At All for NoW in this Way it is
        A Giver
        Receives the
        Most Empirically
        Speaking as When
        We Create Art Beauty
        We Naturally Experience
        Beautiful Neuro-Chemicals
        And Neuro-Hormones That
        All Naturally Heal and Protect
        Us From Disease Within Us
        is the Blessing
        Within the Giving
        And Sharing is the
        Natural Icing on
        The Cake
        That Naturally
        Comes From Within..
        And Ha! Some Folks Call
        Our Innate Emotions and
        Senses Expressed Meaningless
        Mush when acTuAlly Emotions/Senses Free
        in Art We Create Will acTuAlly Put so-called ‘Incurable
        DisEase’ into ReMission As HeART Free Naturally Heals..:)

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    1. Thank you so much my friend🦋you touch my heart and soul❤️I am so grateful that you are you🌹
      Bless you
      You are in my heart too, I hope you know that🦋
      A big hugs to you🌈


  1. Wonderfully heart-felt words, Lillian! So wise and true. Yes, let us look for the small sparkling moments in life. Love the artwork too! What kind of paint do you use? Are these water colors? By the way, thank you so much for following and commenting Mario’s work.

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    1. Thank you Marta, you fill my heart with joy🦋 I am so happy for you coment of my artwork, you warm my heart.
      I use water colors and acrylic paint. I mix and paint and mix and paint again and start over several times… and then I draw on the painting…
      My pleasure🦋Marta, thank you.

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      1. Thank You Lillian! I am having a Happy Day, even though I have much on my mind to sort through. You have written another wonderful poem with much meaning and feelings. Bravo.. 🙂

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