3 kommentarer om “I feel alive

  1. SMiLes Dear
    Lilly The Beauty
    Sublime of Erotic Poetry

    All the Characters
    Come to Life in

    Us With


    SMiLeS AGAiN
    i Write Erotic
    Poetry too Yes
    Yet Not Suitable
    For Word Press Hehe
    Yeah i’ve Published A
    6 Volume Erotic Poetry
    Novel All 114K Words Electronically

    Where Appropriate of Course All Legal And Tender

    Yep Just Another ‘Bucket List’ Item Complete

    And Yes What You Are Writing
    Here is Appropriate For Word

    Press You Master

    The Touch



    too Heavy or Light
    A Feather’s Touch of Warmth…
    SMiLes i Am Born With Extreme
    Tactile Sensitivity Where i Can’t
    Touch Human Made Stuff The

    Natural is Great in Some Cases
    As With Close to Mirror-Touch Synesthesia
    in Terms of Super Tuned Mirror Neurons Yes God
    Yes Pleasure And Pain of Others Is Fully Mine too

    Yes Both
    Curse and Gift…

    In The Past
    i’ve Heard
    From ‘Others’
    it Comes in ‘Handy’ HAha..:)

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