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  1. SMiLes Dear Lillian Orchard
    Flower Feelings Are Real Senses

    Are Real And No Matter Form, Fashion,
    or Style of Poetry That Brings Feelings And

    Senses The Essence

    Is What’s Really

    Real What A Gift
    Poetry is to Color
    Souls SPiRiTiNG HeART
    Real And Deeper Feelings and

    Senses Within As True IMaGiNaTioN
    And Creativity


    Will Paint
    Brush Both
    Master Peace Canvas Open
    Source of Soul And Body Whole
    Every Square Inch And Beyond
    Infinity That No Measure Will Ever


    of Love
    When Wind
    Free iMaGiNinG
    CReaTinG New Feelings
    New Colors of Senses Nary

    Ever ‘Fore

    Always New
    Fresh NoW As A
    Lilly Blooms Real in Colors More
    Or SHades of Grey or BLacK Abyss
    All the Above So Much More Painting
    ALL That Is NoW Ours to BREaTHE REaL..:)

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