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  1. Finding Ark in DarK Painting
    Coldest Soul With Warmth
    Rising From Precipice



    And Hell

    And Returning

    For Muse of Both
    To Find Another Color to Paint

    SMiLes Dear Orchard Flower Lillian
    In Deepest of Empty Rises Greatest

    New Colors



    Felt Before
    Hell into Heaven’s
    Breath of DarK Makes LiGHT

    Most Great Art Starts With A
    Vampire Without Blood Thirsting
    For Drink Night And Day Transforming
    Into Bat And Perhaps Circling the Globe
    Eternally Now to Live Forever As A Poet/Artist Consuming

    Blood of Other Colors of Souls Becoming Every Pastel of God

    Not one in a Story Book One Who Arises From the DarK

    Place with No Blood…

    Once Midnight

    New Moon

    BLacK Rose

    Rises From THorns
    And FLoWeRS Blood
    of Beauty Consumed From EartH

    Yes on the ‘8th Day’ We Create Poetry/Art

    To Eat And Drink Becoming More Colors of Soul




    Theism Is in Art
    Ark This Covenant
    This Holy Grail We Give And Share
    Freely As Wings Attached to DarK LiGHT
    Yes God Dances Sings Breathes Us For Real

    Water Wave Ocean Whole Becomes All Our Blood

    All Becoming Moving Connecting Co-Creating Revealing

    Freeing No Secrets Left Communion of Globe All One Love

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD i Slept in Fires of Your Art to Generate This Dream


    Colors of Blood..:)

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