Beautiful and battered

Art my own, OrkidedatterArt, my own orkidedatter

-From a nordic author and artist:


Poetry collection:

Beautiful & battered

– breaks through the chains-


From the north a butterfly in

winter land under the

Polar star in the elongated small country


If you listen carefully you can hear

her wing stroke rises from a descending black

star from a nightmare visions

flash down below the abyss…

breaks through the chains from a cage of

another day healing subconsciously

a picture of pain.

Bleeding memories and a battered

country girl,

but beautiful as the midnight sun…

strong as the Northern Lights dances on the

black canvas of the sky, she colors her soul’s

landscape of a

ruin to an architectural masterpiece.




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13 kommentarer om “Beautiful and battered

  1. Wings of
    Flutter Dance
    Sing Rise From
    Fall Cocoons
    Heat May
    Full Super
    Moon Blooms…
    SMiLes Orchard
    FLoWeR Lillian
    For A Book…🎶
    Soul Breath..🌈🌺

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  2. I love the poster! It’s your own art isn’t it? I want to say that it’s beautiful! The poem touches my heart too. Somehow it is very personal and heartfelt❤️

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  3. Great ,Congratulations for your coming soon book 🙂 The poem is simply amazing. 😍🤗 Loved your art work, and you got beautiful painting skills, I will be always a fan of your art works. Our Best wishes for new book! Have a wonderful day Lillian✨🤗

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