A morning visitor


Jeg liker å stå opp litt før dagen begynner. Jeg må ha litt tid for meg selv sammen med en god kopp kaffe.

Jeg sitter alltid ved vinduet og idag så jeg solen stige opp over åsen og tretoppene og fuglene fløy i takt med solens stråler.

Jeg føler meg bra og tenker at idag tar jeg turen ut til mitt «happy place». Der gir meg inspirasjon og jeg kan meditere om jeg vil.

Plutselig så jeg en skygge i øyekroken, og der kom denne flotte og stolte skapningen ruslende.

I Norge heter denne fuglen «fasan».

Jeg grep min telefon og knipset et par bilder, dessverre ikke den beste kvalitet, men jeg håper du ser det vakre i denne fuglen allikevel.

Jeg tror denne fuglen heter «pheasant», på engelsk, men jeg er ikke sikker. Fint om noen kommenterer i kommentarfeltet om denne fuglen har et annet navn på engelsk.

Det var et koselig besøk på morgenen.

Jeg takker naturen for opplevelsen.

Ønsker alle dere vakre lesere der ute en fortryllende onsdag.



A morning visitor…

I like to get up a bit before the day begins. I have to have some time for myself along with a good cup of coffee.

I always sit by the window and today I saw the sun rise over the hill and the tree tops and the birds flew in line with the sun’s rays.

I feel good and think that today I go out to my «happy place». It gives me inspiration and I can meditate if I want to.

Suddenly I saw a shadow in the corner of my eye, and there came this beautiful and proud creature strangely.

In Norway, this bird is called the «fasan»

Pheasant fasan morgenbesøk natur naturelove nature in Norway Norwegianblogger

I grabbed my phone and snapped a few pictures, unfortunately not the best quality, but I hope you see the beauty of this bird anyway.

Pheasant fasan morgenbesøk naturelove nature natur natur in Norway Norwegianblogger wildlife

I think this bird is called «pheasant», in English, but I’m not sure.

I am very grateful if anyone comments in the comment field if this bird has another name in English.

It was a beautiful visit in the morning.

Thank you nature.

Wish all you lovely readers out there an enchanting wednesday.


25 kommentarer om “A morning visitor

    1. That’s what we call them here in Colorado, at least. Pheasants. Of course, the hunters call them «dinner». Ever had pheasant, Suki? I don’t much care for it myself, but some folks think it’s the best tasting bird of them all.

      Likt av 3 personer

      1. You make me smile, ofcourse the hunter call them dinner.
        I have never eaten this bird, but I know that many do and tell me that it is a great and delicate bird.
        Thank you for your coment, I really appreciate it🦋
        Enjoy your day🦋

        Likt av 2 personer

      2. They’re hard to buy here too. You pretty much need to know a hunter well enough to be on his or her list of folks to give any surpluses to. Either that or come up with the money for Colorado Spring’s one and only one wild game restaurant — very very expensive.

        I dropped over $200 there one night when Jennifer and I couldn’t find a cheaper, but still nice place to celebrate our budding friendship. It was the only place still open — both of us were running late that night. What a price to pay for working late! I’m retired now. No way I could still afford that.

        Likt av 1 person

      3. wow, for a price, then it must be tasteful. It was expensive, but really nice that you could have a lovely celebration there, it sounded incredibly nice. Thank you very much for your genuine and direct from your heart feedback🦋
        I hope you enjoy your day🦋

        Likt av 1 person

      4. Thank you, I feel lucky too, to see this at my home outside my window🦋 I’ve seen it once before and it was in the wild in Denmark.
        The pheasant has been set out in the wild in Norway in the 1870s.
        I wish you a lovely day🦋


  1. They are such beautiful birds, aren’t they, OD? I recall hearing that pheasants, as we call them here, were imported to America in the 1800s from the Russian Steppes. Here, they are a very popular game bird. There are hunting clubs solely devoted to pheasants.

    Likt av 2 personer

    1. They are pretty beautiful, but I didn’t know they were popular game birds, or that they were their own hunting clubs. Thank you very much, I am grateful for your comment, I learned something new today🦋
      There are not many pheasants left in this part of Norway I live so it has become some breeders and popular on farms.
      I hope you make you a great day🦋

      Likt av 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, I didn’t know, but then I learned the difference between the sexes too. I really appreciate your support🦋
      It was a nice experince to me🦋
      I wish you a lovely day🦋


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