I will always write.

After a walk along the mountains and snow in winter Norway, Can I feel the walking was reflective, creative and gaining me a new energy, I went back to the cabin and I think even more about life.

I have this poem in my cabin that I bought some time ago. I can recognise my self much in these words, should almost believe it was me it was written about. These words mean so much to me🦋

Take a deep breath…and just feel..

Orkidedatter poem write story stories from Norway Norwegian blogger prosaist short story my heart and soul from Norway art from Norway

«I will write until not a single word

remains in my soul…

Until every story in my heart

had been told…

Until my mind’s well of ideas is

bone dry…and even then

I will write on because writing is not

just something I do,

but part of who I am».


I hope everyone one of you have a great day filled with love🦋


Thank you, I am grateful🦋

19 kommentarer om “I will always write.

  1. Lovely poem, so relatable. I also take walks in nature going to the park close to where I live. We do not have snow, but evergreen pine trees and a blue sky. It is by walking and connecting with nature that I sometimes write what comes to me, usually poems to post in my blog. Tusen takk for sharing og fin dag!

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    1. You are so lovely and thank you vert much. I am very agree, nature is a way to be creative and come up with good ideas or words in my heart that I must write down.
      Tusen takk for your stopping by and coment, it means a lot for me❤️

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      1. Oh, what good words are yours. thank you for not. Two years ago I was in the north of Norway. She delighted me. Barbara

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