A girl`s disastrous melody path…

I wake up this morning

raises my weary head

where am I?

my skirt for a pillow

the earth is my bed

I have become the devil’s temptation

on the run

I have no contact with the living

my mind speaks a language I don’t


my heart is waste -a ghost town-

my soul scare myself to death

I keep on running

I’m cursed and born in sin

whose daughter I am?

I have no conscience

I don’t live for others or to

satisfied the world

I live to survive

I’ve seen to much death

and in my boots I have all I

need to protect myself

I don’t know love, but I have feelings

for my horse I can’t describe

-maybe it is love-

and don’t dare touch my horse before

I lay five foot deep

because me and him are dances on

empty wallets

flashing back to a life I never had

so I drown it out with leftovers

I find of old whiskey

who have I become?

I take my stallion back to the dusty

road of shades of tones of loneliness

this is my life

-grace of glory-


38 kommentarer om “A girl`s disastrous melody path…

  1. SMiLes Lillian First of all.. so nice to see
    You With Your Beautiful Words on Word Press again..
    Missed them i have and you as well my Friend this place
    of No Melody of the Soul i surely have felt life when all Music
    of Love Left my Body.. then one understands what the Soul is it is
    Organic a Part of our Flesh and Blood Being the Source and Giver of
    Love and Receiver too that we may come to be more and Oh Darkness so
    Much Less too.. unto Oblivion of the dark Nights and Months and Years of a Soul too..
    Soul of Emotions Integration of the Senses that Regulate Emotions all Holding Hands together
    From Head to toe.. a Dance and Song of Life We Feel and Fill through and through Recipe for
    Hope and Love
    So Far away
    From Fear
    And what
    May come in the
    places of frustration
    And Aggression Leading
    Up to Long Held Feelings of
    Hate that may not even be rational
    just the Lens of HeART we come to see
    Reality as born on Dates now.. true i have un-felt
    this non-feeling place too.. and true too in this place it is
    often A Furry Animal that may be the Closest we come far away
    from a Spirit of Love that Lights us up Colored Christmas Tree from
    Head to toe more.. Smiles in that place i surely would have become and
    Alcoholic or Drug Addict if that offered any help at all for true what will you do
    when one is walking dead on Earth now Alive Wandering Ghost who may not even
    Realize Long Dead their Soul is Gone Lost and Found No Where to See for Now but
    the reality of Numb and or Pain even better than Numb to feel anything anything at all now
    all the
    the Colors
    of Love that
    make Life Worth
    Living as we may
    Even Make Winter Spring..
    It is often a Hard Life to live but
    even a Harder one to Live as Death
    the Place Where Even Demons may Fear to
    tread as this place may not even respond to Fear
    or anything else even Black Abyss of Paper thin Existence..
    shells without
    of Love
    within on
    Page of
    Note that Speak Soul..:)

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  2. Hi Lillian, so nice to see you back again, I have missed you here! So lonely, so scared, so weary, but yet the cry of a lonely, seeking heart has strength and beauty in it. Your words bring life to the poem so that if can be followed easily in a living picture. I hope everything is well with you Lillian! Stop by anytime and relax or talk at Steve’s Country. Have a wonderful evening!😁😸🌙🍁🍂

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    1. Awe, Steve, I am so glad to see you. Thank you for reading my poem, I am always grateful to your support.
      I am ok.. but struggles with a bad conscience for not following up well enough on the blog and my followers…
      I will visit your blogg tomorrow, now it is soon bedtime😴
      Take care Steve and thank you🍂😺🎃

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      1. Glad you are doing okay Lillian, don’t worry too much over not keeping up, we all get behind, I am behind terribly right now, too many health problems this past month has made it hard to keep up.😀🙄
        Things happen. The post Technical Difficulties explains my most recent injury.😲🤔 I hope you have a wonderful Friday Lillian!😁😸🍁🍂

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      2. Thanks Lillian! Even though I’m stuck inside for the next few weeks, it is still a nice day.😃😺 Outside it’s cold and raining anyway, so a good time to be inside with some hot coffee!😁☕🌧🌧

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      3. Yes, I injured myself quite badly so will have to stay inside for perhaps 2 months, except for maybe going out to the coffee shop sometimes. But I have to be very careful if I do go out. I can’t walk much right now. My own fault though, I need to be more careful.😀🍁🍂🌧☕

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    1. Awe, Nathan, you always know how to brighten up my day, thank you🎶👏🏻🎶I am happy to see you here, thank you. I hope you are well.
      You read my poems well, because you feel❤️thank you, and that touch my heart.
      Take care.

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  3. Hi Lillian! Haven’t seen you around for awhile, I hope everything is okay. We are having a couple nice days before returning to much colder weather again on Sunday. Even from inside it’s nice to see that sun shining again. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!😁😸😻🌞

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    1. Hello Steve.
      I am so sorry, but I haven’t been to blog in a long time… I saw your message now.
      I am sick and I don’t know when I going to be healthy, I really don’t feel well…
      I don’t mean to be rude or something Steve, but well… I don’t know what to say….
      Yesterday we got a lot lot lot of snow… and I don’t like so much snow, but it is winter now in Norway here I live…
      I hope you are well❤️

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      1. I’m sorry to hear you are not well Lillian, I really hope you will feel better soon. I truly miss you. It’s winter here now too, very cold, but very little snow which is not good. I am still recovering from a serious injury 6 weeks ago, another month or two yet before I’m back to normal. Relax and get well soon Lillian. 🙂😺😸💗

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      2. I’m sorry to hear that Steve, take care, you will be in my prayers.
        Thank you so much🌹I deeply appreciate you and I am so grateful, yes I hope I will feel better soon.
        See you later Steve, I hope I can catch up a bit soon.

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    1. Hello lovely
      I am sorry… but I am sick and I haven’t been on blog for a long time. I don’t mean to be rude… but well… I really are not well.
      I saw your message now… and I don’t know when I’m gonna be healthy, it will take some time…
      I love you so much and you are a shining star in this community❤️
      Thank you so much❤️
      Take care lovely❤️


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