Shades of love

Poetry poem shades of love poet Norway Norwegian art

She want you to feel the presence

of her soul in your bare body

through every word she write

she want you to feel that she spread

severals shades of love onto you

let your life flow over her

cover this walls of fear with passion

make love to this labyrinths of darkness

discover every inch in this broken heart

reveals every touch of her ink in her

mind with your burning flames of love

embrace her within

in the end she has to close her diary

you are only in her mind

but still so alive.



31 kommentarer om “Shades of love

  1. A GreaTesT
    Organ of
    D E L i G H T
    Mind For LoVE
    Exercise it without
    Restraint all the Other
    Higher Hues of Love Spread out
    iN FliGHT
    Colors more
    to GiVE And
    Share to Free to Be…
    Ascending Transending
    iN FLoW ETernal NoW LoVE..:)

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    1. Awe, you warm my heart. I deeply appreciate your read and feedback, thank you so much.
      How I do it…. I am me with my heart and soul….and I always think the same about you.
      Enjoy your day🦋


  2. Good morning/afternoon Lillian! So beautifully written, such love pouring out in such a descriptive way, it carries a person into a real picture of your written words. Have a wonderful day Lillian!😃🌞😺

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