(English text after the Norwegian text)

Jeg vil ha mer

vil kjenne deg mot meg

føle deg inni meg

vite du vil ha meg

og kan temme meg

være røff med meg

og gi meg nytelse ingen

andre har gitt meg

min varme


opphissede kropp

er alt du kjenner

din lyst er stigende

begjær er alt du føler

du skal ta meg





du gir meg et sommerfuglkyss

endelig finner du min våte hule.





I want more

touch your skin

feel you inside me

sense you want me

and can tame me

be rough with me

and give me pleasure

no others have given

I’m hot


excited body is

everything you feel

your desire is increasing

tenderness and lust

you need my love





you give me a butterfly kiss

finally you find my

flowing cave.



52 kommentarer om “Butterflykiss

      1. Because I am not a Woman and can never know the pleasure of what you describe, so to only read is not fair. Although, as a man, I would be able to know the pleasure of providing such a pleasure to a Woman.

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      2. Okay, yes, I understand. Thank you for sharing …
        sometimes I wish I could take the man’s perspective ….. but, well, that lady is lucky if you are the man who gives her that pleasure … wow …🦋


      3. To me, providing her pleasure is more rewarding than receiving it. It heightens the the complete experience knowing she would be satisfied in another way that I could provide!🦋💜

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      4. Awe🦋
        You melt my heart. From all my heart, I really hope it works out for you, this lady doesn’t know what she is missing out on…
        I hope you enjoy your day, now I have to go to work.
        Take care🦋

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  1. This is a Common Fantasy of Women as the Theater
    Tickets of
    50 Shades of Grey
    Surely relates if more
    Women could feel free
    To share these Fantasies
    With their Husbands
    And Lovers there
    Would be
    Many more
    Satisfied looks
    On Faces in the
    Typical ‘Grind’
    Of a Working
    Week Devoid
    Of Emotions
    And Sensations
    Coloring Life New
    Sublime in Beauty
    Far Away from
    Black and
    White Misery
    Loves Suffering’s
    Company meanwhile
    Others Paint
    Colors of
    Endless Ecstasies
    A Gift Some People
    Lose as they don’t
    Realize what they
    may Other wise do
    If they
    To Color Life
    Newer now and
    Never be a Zombie..
    Kudos my Friend..
    You just might
    A Zombie
    Or Two today..
    And by God help
    Some Couple Create A New Life
    By the
    Pen of
    Your Poem..:)

    Likt av 2 personer

    1. Wow, that was quite a compliment. Thank you🦋so lovely.
      I am speechlees, I don’t think I have the words in English to describe it.
      I am grateful for your kind words and support.
      I wish you a wonderful day.

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      1. SMiLes mY FriEnd You
        Are Most Brave for You
        Are Not Afraid to Touch
        Every Part of Humanity…
        We Share This Greatest
        Gift And BLeSSinG
        ThaT is
        Fearless Love…
        Are Called
        And Actually Answer…
        Fear Is What Holds
        Back Most….

        Likt av 2 personer

      2. All my Pleasure
        Friend by
        The way
        i Really
        Like your Poem..
        It inspires me to
        This Art
        Of Creativity
        A Bit More too..
        As i used to do Last
        Year.. Interestingly.. i
        Find Essence Similar
        Across All Authors
        of Humanity
        In All Loving Ways..:)

        Likt av 2 personer

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