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My strength didn’t come

from lifting weights.

My strength came from

lifting my self up every time

I was knocked down…

Everytime I was knocked down

I take my fragile wings and flutter with

them so that I am lifted up and every

time I get a little stronger and colorful.

I, a fragile butterfly with a color spell

like a flower of the Orchid familiy

can fight to be a strong

tiger within myself …

…still I rise…


57 kommentarer om “Strength:

      1. Thank you and you’re most welcome you have a very kind heart and beautiful soul too and your writing is amazing I hope you have a wonderful day too.🐺🌹

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  1. Wonderful Orchid! A real inspiration and encouraging! Yes, real strength comes when we lift ourselves back up, and not give up. Keep up with your wonderful writing, it’s a blessing to me and I’m sure to others as well! I hope you have a great weekend!😁

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    1. Thank you so much Steve and Muffin🌺 for such encouraging words🦋you make me happy and warm in my heart because I sm so grateful for your feedback. It’s mean more to me that you can imagine. I can’t thank you enough, but I am so glad that I find you here on blog🦋
      Mjau to Muffin and enjoy your day🦋

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  2. Good afternoon, the strange comes with time and experience, beautiful poem, always happy to read, i enjoyed my Sunday read on your blog, hugs❤️

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    1. Good morning, at least in Norway it is morning.
      You want an explanation and it’s just the truth that applies to me as well. Truths and falsehoods and lies are the worst I know, perhaps because I have experienced a lot of it.
      An explanation here will take too much time and there will be a long answer. But if I say «dandelion child», if it makes any sense to you, then there is an explanation in one word.
      I think it had been more than nice to have met you with a good cup of coffee and I’m sure we could have a good conversation too.
      Thank you so much for reading my poems and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it.🦋
      I’m gonna miss your items, I think it is sad, but I respect your decision.
      It was my pleasure to read your post🦋
      I hope you enjoy your day.


      1. I understand the Orchid and dandelion as defined for children. However, I truly see you as an Orchid, one who needs the structure and sameness each day. I was raised like a dandelion child, but always felt like an Orchid. I still dont get the not wanting to meet. Surely you are allowed to have friends.. and visit with them.

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      2. Thank you for your understanding🦋 and I use the butterfly to explain my self too. A butterfly means something special to me🦋
        I hope you find something beautiful in your day today and make it great🦋


  3. Very beautiful and powerful words, Orkidèdatter! 👏 Your poem reminds me of my butterfly poem Afloat. You just need to correct a few misspellings: the title. Strength (always write it like this). On line 3 this word is again misspelled. Another misspelling is on line 12. It is orchid familiy, not Orcide. Finally, there is a little grammar mistake on line 12. «can fight for to be a strong» should be: can fight to be a strong (remove the word «for»).

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    1. Thank you so much, I am very glad that you like it🦋
      Thank you for your correct on my misspellings. It’s a bit embarrassing, I should know that familiy was written like that …but, I really appreciate your help and support❤️
      Have I read your poem Afloat, I check it out🦋
      I hope you have a great day🦋

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    1. Good morning, and so lovely message to wake up to, thank you so much, it’s mean a lot to me🦋I am so glad you feel that way because of my poems❤️I can’t tank you enough🦋
      I hope you make your day great🦋


    1. Thank you so much🦋I am so grateful to find you here, thanks to Ilona(easydiet)🌸
      I love to read your words, and looking forward to read more from you. I hope you have a lovely day.
      Love from Norway🦋

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