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Sommerfugler kan ikke se sine vinger.

De kan ikke se hvor vakre de er.

Men alle andre kan.

Jeg er også sånn, og det tror jeg mange med meg er.

Bare vi mennesker kunne begynne å se oss selv litt ovenfra og utenfor oss selv.

Kan du? Hva ser du?

Se for deg at du vifter litt på vingene dine.

I et glimt av magi vil du føle hvor unik og betydningsfull du er.

Hold på denne følelsen.

Føl på hva akkurat du opplever i dette.

Ditt vakre hjerte.

Din vakre sjel.

Du er verdifull akkurat slik du er.




Butterflies cannot see their wings.

They can’t see how beautiful they are.

But everyone else can.

I’m also like that, and I think many with me are.

Only we humans could start to see ourselves a little from above and outside ourselves.

Can you? What do you see?

Imagine waving your wings a little.

In a glimpse of magic, you will feel how unique and meaningful you are.

Hold on to this feeling.

Feel what you are experiencing in this.

Your beautiful heart.

Your beautiful soul.

You are valuable just the way you are.


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    1. Thank you very much, so incredibly nice to hear, you warm my heart🦋and yes, it’s strange that we can’t see our own value…it’s also my experience. Why is it so difficult? but i will practice watching more of mine🦋
      I think that it is nice for my self-esteem🦋
      I wish you a nice day🦋

      Likt av 1 person

    1. Thank you, you words mean a lot to me🦋
      I read your poem, and you took my breath away, these words hit me in my heart. Butterflies are meaning something special to me. This was a piece of art I could hang on my wall, the picture was lovely too🦋
      Thank you for letting me read❤️

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  1. You are poems feels so real, it is very beautiful and has powerful messages to all of us, thank you dear butterfly for sharing it❤️🤗

    Likt av 1 person

      1. You’re always there for me, thank you very much. I understand very well that it is not time to stop forever, so it is with me too. It goes just fine, but anyway, I know you’re out there. Do you remember the word «heartbeat» from Kevin, it’s a word of deep meaning if you understand. It is like that🦋thank you for you are you❤️

        Likt av 1 person

      2. Yes i do, i was wondering where he is gone, i was comenting his poems regularly, but no news seens a while🌸🤗i hope he is fine. Yes you are right, even if i dont have time i will be back to you when i will have🌸🤗some people we forget easily, but some we will never will, because they left a mark in our hearts❤️👊

        Likt av 1 person

      3. I am absolutly agree with that, some people for sure left a mark in our hearts. You are one of them in my heart❤️🦋
        Anyway, yes, I know you (and I) comenting his poem regularly, and I am sure he is back soon, I hope.. You know what happened and why it’s quiet on his blog?
        I miss him, great talent🦋
        Thank you for your much love Ilona❤️🦋

        Likt av 1 person

      4. I have only few exams to pass, my grades are fine so i don’t need to do exams of each subject, i’m glad i’m free for now so i can focus more on my blog and on my other activities, have a great day🤗

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