Shades of black scars…

She tries to find peace because her heart

will heal

It’s beautiful, but worn

It has been attempted repaired

With needle and thread

If you look closely, you can see the shade of

the stitches torn off time after time

Looking even further in, deep behind her

heart, you can watch a glimpse of a face

It is like the shadows waving in the wind

You realize that the face belongs to the

heart, because they are equally ghostly

She turns her face away in disgust and


It storms in the heart’s rhythm

Faster and

faster, she won’t be anymore

It is like thorns from «the black rose» being

thrown at her, and she feels an

indescribable pain in her heart and it’s

burn in her soul

In the face behind the heart tears flow like

a waterfall

As a veil, they embrace her heart and dig

«the river of tears» bigger and demper

Tears from a darkness that no little girl

should know about

Tears from a scared soul that a soul never

should know about

Tears from a place within a little girl never

knew she had

A stolen body…but always a soul and a

heart that she hid and protected

Can she be whole again?

Is the last flame extinguished?

She can feel her heartbeat, breathes deeply

and try to find calmness

She wipes away the tears that quietly fall

down her cheek

Her body remembers

The heart knows

Her mind can deceive her

All of the emotions and experiences are

stuck in her body as the pain of a thorn

-Demons are screaming the worst she can


Her eyes can’t stop crying, her soul is

working to heal, her mind is trying to

connect with heart

A thousand broken pieces of her heart is

laying beside her in a chest of sorrows

With all her scars she begins to feel the

various nerves of the black paths

Trails she never wants to join again

They’ll be with her to the end of life and

she’ll try everything she can to make new

paths bright and beautiful next to the dark