Souls of love…

(This post is only in English text).

Photo challenge:

Thank you so much Suki for recommending me to join this picture challenge. I couldn`t resist and have tried to write a poem.

Suki, who is you are a great talent and I hope the world sees and reads you and they can feel far into their heart and souls how wonderful you are, both as a poet and a storyteller, how creative you are and as a fellow man. Thank you for sharing your wonderful words of love on your blogg.

The rules:

-150 word limit

– write a piece of historical fiction or poetry about the photo

– Try not to use the words tree & green

– Tag 3 people to do the same with the photo

Poem dikt souls of love norwegian blogger

He put his strong arms around her and she melted in his arms.

She felt his love and energy burn around in her body.

She felt safe as he surrounded her in nature’s own wilderness.

Only the two alone against the dangers of darkness.

Only the two alone against the longing for love.

Only the two alone against forbidden love.

His eyes told her about sorrow and pain.

Her eyes told him about unknown waters.

He makes her do things she thought she should never do.

She becomes a slave to his lovemaking.

They cannot remove each other’s heartbeat.

They throw away each other’s time.

Hope they will be happy in others’ arms one day.

They spend a lot of time on a battle that is already lost.

They tear each other’s world apart.

Their hearts bleed and their souls have caught each other.

They have given each other’s life to eternity.



Feel free to continue this challenge with either a poem or historical fiction piece.

Let the world read ours word of love and heartbeat.

Thank you agan Suki, I really enjoy doing this, it was fun.