When nature offers this sunrise then I just have to meditate.

I feel totally relaxed and I come «home» inside myself.

I can feel all the stress flowing out of my head and down my body and out …

I say goodbye and never hope I get that stressed back again…

I welcome new and good thoughts.

There is a lot going on in my life right now and I accept how I feel and deal with what may come of emotions and thoughts and reactions.

It’s not all that is just as nice, but it’s part of me that I have to work with.

It’s a perfect morning to dig into myself again…

Embraced by the Norwegian faune I fill myself up again with clean and fresh energy.

Feeling in touch and contact with Mother Earth and some of her elements are indescribably strong to me in a moment of mindfulness.

I’m practicing to be present at the moment.

I need to strengthen all my senses.

Thank you so much to the beautiful nature and everything in it for this experience.