Tears from a Black rose

OrkidedatterArt and picture my own

Like a mountain in a lotus land known

by witches and trolls she is a language of


Wild enough, but invisible like a ghost town

hidden by a veil of clouds.

A nightshade of her mind,

have passing the glorious sun.

A lonely soul that wander to the depth

of the lake and the Evil embraced her spirit.

She gave life to a butterfly in the cage of hell

her frozen black rose from an archangel

cracked inside her crystal shadow.

So much bloodshed.

So many deaths.

Been never a magical love story,

no happy ending, no magic spells or

hidden dragons…

She is just a craft on crumpled manuscript

thrown away by the Dead Prince of


You never could handle the Black pearl from

the village…

When my petals cry, they hit like bullets.

17 kommentarer om “Tears from a Black rose

  1. That is beautiful! She gave Life to a butterfly in a cage of hell. Lines are so deep and make me think the anonymous scenes in my head. Beautifully written ✨✍️ Also the picture of artwork and you on the pic, amazing artwork done! Lovely Poem Lillian, Have a wonderful day to you ✨🤗

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  2. ‘Black Petals’ Return…
    Girl You Never Forget
    From School Woman Who
    Shoots Herself in The Head Of Her Father’s Bed HeART
    i Tried
    To Mend
    Ghost Who
    Haunts me
    i ReMeMBeR
    She Still Breathes
    Within My Soul Now
    Love She Never Touched

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