Tormented by the ghosts.

In my bloodshot eyes I keep

staring at the moon




I turn back time and remember

our bodies entangled togheter

in the darkest nights

I’m tormented by the ghosts

of the many souls who

touched my heart

all their words is laying like

a dusty fog all over me

I try to fight but the remnants

of war is tearing me apart

I still feeding my melodies of

you with poisonous liquid

elixir of magic

I hope it will kill my vibes for you

until then I take my demons with

me and disappear into the

shadows of the forest before

I paint the green leafs red…


27 kommentarer om “Tormented by the ghosts.

  1. Wow. How do you do it?? You are so gifted. Truly. I love how you’re writing these days. It’s so raw and powerful – it gets straight to the heart of the thing. So good.

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  2. Hi Lillian. I hope you are doing well. I wasn’t able to open WordPress for long. This poem is well crafted, just like you do always. It’s symbolic and sad, I know but still there is some kind of relief in it, like the sadness is kinda familiar. I don’t know what I just wrote, it doesn’t make sense I know😂

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    1. Wow, Hi Ramyani🙌🏻nice to see you.
      Oh, your words make sense. I am so grateful to you and your kindness🌹thank you.
      Well, I have issues too… with my wp… so I don’t know what happened… nobody does… so I am thinking many thoughts around my blog.
      You filled my heart with joy, thank you for reading🌸

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      1. I understand Lillian that things can be tough. Maybe you can take a break and it may help you to think things clearly. It’s my pleasure to read your blog and it gives me immense pleasure. Please don’t stop blogging, that’s all☺️
        Lots of love❤️

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      2. Thank you for your kind words❤️maybe I do that.
        No, I don’t want to stop blogging, a break is ok….
        I struggle with bad conscience when I can’t follow everyone the way I want … and it’s not good.
        Lots of love back to you lovely soul❤️

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      3. I understand you. I think a break would help. And yes, we can’t make everyone happy and everything work. Stay calm. I am sure everything will turn out to be good. Remember, you are strong! ☺️

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  3. Hi Lillian✨😉 Beautiful poem 👌 Sorry i am late catching up some blogs. Poem is awesome with emotions flowing around. Well written. Your art, always creative 👍 Have a beautiful day ✨🤗

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    1. You don’t have to say you are sorry, I understand. I have so so much to catch up myself… but I don’t know when, I am still ill… and I don’t know when I will be good again…
      I am so grateful for your support, thank you so much, it’s means a lot to me😊🌹
      I wish you a nice day.


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